Calling All Agile Practitioners in India!

Wish researchers would listen to what practitioners had to say?
               Want to make a difference to the state of Agile practices and research?
                            Have experiences of Agile software development you want to share?

…We’re all ears!

Phase 1 interviews will be held in India: 6-14th Feb: NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon) and 17-19th Feb: Bengaluru. Contact Dr. Rashina Hoda at

We invite you to participate in a large-scale, international research study on “Becoming a Self-Organizing Agile Team”. With the increasing popularity of Lean and Agile methods, more and more software teams are faced with the challenge of becoming self-organizing Agile teams. This research aims to explore the process followed by software development teams in order to become self-organizing Agile teams. Findings of this research will provide guidance for teams attempting to adopt Agile and become self-organizing as well as highlight the potential pit-falls to avoid in the process.

Whether you are junior developer, tester, project manager, Scrum Master, or a CEO – your experiences count! Any software practitioner who has a minimum of 2 years industrial experience in practicing Lean and Agile software development (XP/Scrum/Kanban) can participate in this research.

We’ll come to you! All it takes is approximately an hour of your time for a face-to-face, semi-structured interview about your experiences.

Research findings will be published in academic and practitioner-based journals, conferences, and magazines. I will be happy to share these with participants. Where a number of participants come forth to participate from a single organization, I will be happy to present a seminar or talk based on my research work for the benefit of your organization.

Details of the participants, their companies, and all information shared by participants will be kept confidential. Any publications or reports will not mention any specific names or details which make the participant or their company identifiable.

To arrange a time for an interview in Delhi-Noida-Gurgaon (6-14th Feb) or Bengaluru (17-19th Feb) and for more information about the research, please contact:
Your support of this research is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Lecturer of Software Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Auckland
New Zealand

About the Researcher
Dr. Rashina Hoda is a Lecturer of Software Engineering in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Rashina’s doctoral research focused on self-organizing Agile teams and has been covered by the Communications of the ACM, the Ministry of Science and Innovation (New Zealand), and has been published in several international journals and conferences such as in the Empirical Software Engineering journal, the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), OOPSLA2010, XP2009-11, and Agile conferences. Rashina is also serving as the Research Chair for Agile India conference to be held in Bengaluru, India in February 2012. More:

About the University
The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s #1 university and ranks in the top 100 universities in the QS World University rankings. Today more than 4,000 international students from 93 countries choose to study here. It New Zealand’s top-ranked tertiary institution based on research quality. Of the 600 researchers in the entire New Zealand tertiary system ranked as being of top international quality in the Government’s latest Performance-Based Review Fund report, one-third are at The University of Auckland. More:

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