rashina-2019I am an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean (Academic Workforce) in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Australia.

Prior to this, I served at the University of Auckland, New Zealand for as a Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering.

I’ve been studying people and how they become agile for over a decade. My PhD research explained how agile teams self-organize through the informal roles they play. I’ve written and spoken extensively on agile transformations, agile project management, customer collaboration, team practices, reflective practices, and culture, with over 70 publications on these topics.

In 2017, my Theory of Becoming Agile received the distinguished paper award at the prestigious International Conference on Software Engineering.  I applied the theory to a wider societal context and coined the idea of “Agile Nations” captured as a TEDxAuckland talk.

I enjoy going into companies and interacting with the teams and management as they begin and progress on their agile journeys. I also enjoy presenting my research and insights on agile as talks and presentations to businesses. I like presenting the voice of agile research to industry and academia alike.