Rashina’s research focus includes: software engineering (teams, process, projects, management, agile, lean) and human-computer interaction (child-computer interaction, design for learning, human-centred design for smart energy consumption).

Software Engineering Research

We actively conduct research in the areas of software engineering teamwork (team structures, self-organization), processes (including agile and lean), practices (learning and knowledge management), and management (project management.) Our team includes PhD and Masters of Engineering students and international collaborators from the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. Topics include:

  • Self-Organizing Agile software development teams (roles, practices, influencing factors)
  • Visualization and Project Management Tool for Agile software development teams
  • Teamwork structures on Agile projects
  • Knowledge Management, Learning and Reflection on Agile Teams
  • Agile Project Management and Role of the Manager on Agile Project
  • Global and distributed software teams

Human-Computer Interaction Research

We are passionate about research, design, and development for digital learning. Our inter-disciplinary team includes experts from the areas of Education (curriculum and pedagogy), Psychology (cognitive and developmental), and Applied Behaviour Analysis (special needs). Our projects cover K-12 literacy, numeracy, and special education, and include:

  • DTTAce: Assistive Technology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (A Prototype)
  • SEPTA Digital Learning Project: Software game for Critical Literacy
  • Fill That Blank: A Literacy Application
  • Numerous: A Numeracy Game for Primary Education
  • ScienceTrivia: Digital App for Science Literacy
  • Numeracy Game for Early Childhood Education

All these projects have resulted in software game/app prototype tools for digital learning. Another focus within HCI is in the field of visualization and smart grids:

  • Human-centred visualization design for smart energy consumption

External Research Funding

  • Developing in Digital Worlds (2014-2018)
    Research Team: Prof Stuart McNaughton, Dr Rashina Hoda, and Dr Rebecca Jesson (University of Auckland); Prof. Elaine Reese (University of Otago), and Dr Cynthia Greenleaf (San Francisco)
    Funding Agency: Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
    Amount: $2.4 million over 4 years
  • SEPTA Digital Learning Project (2013-2014)
    Principal Investigator: Dr Rashina Hoda
    Team: Prof Stuart McNaughton and Woolf Fisher Research Centre (WFRC) team, Stephen Knightly (InGame)
    Funding Agency: Uniservices Investment Committee
    Amount: $50,000
  • BuildIT Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2011)
    Awarded to: Dr Rashina Hoda
    Funding Agency: BuildIT
    Amount: $66,000
  • BuildIT PhD Scholarship (2009-2010)
    Awarded to: Rashina Hoda
    Funding Agency: BuildIT
    Amount: $63,000 over 3 years
  • Agile Alliance Academic Grant (2008)
    Awarded to: Rashina Hoda
    Funding Agency: Agile Alliance, USA
    Amount: $7,000

Service on Committees

  • Journal Reviewing
    • IEEE Software
    • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
    • Journal of Information and Software Technology
    • Journal of Systems and Software
    • Empirical Software Engineering
    • Journal of Intelligent Systems
    • Information and Management Journal
    • Engineering Management Journal
    • European Journal of Information Systems
    • Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice
    • Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
  • Conference Committees
    • International Conference on Agile Software Development (XP)
    • International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
    • Agile Software Development Conference (Agile)
    • Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC)
    • New Zealand Computer Science Research Student Conference (NZCSRSC)
  • Workshop Committees
    • Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE@ICSE)