Rashina is the Founder of the Software Engineering Processes Tools and Applications (SEPTA) research group at the University of Auckland. She supervises PhD and Masters students and Bachelor of Engineering final year projects.

To be considered for PhD or Masters supervision, email through copies of your Bachelors and/or Masters transcripts, any thesis you have produced, and latest IELTS or TOEFL scores.

PhD Students

Latha Murugesan, Recommendation-based Visualization and Control System for Household Energy Conservation
Yogeshwar Shastri, Role of the Manager in Agile Software Development
Yanti Andriyani, Knowledge Management and Reflective Practice in Agile Software Development
Zainab Masood, Self-Assignment: Task Allocation Practice in Agile Software Development

Masters Students

Shahab Intezari, Masters of Engineering, Interactive, touch-based Visualization Software for Smart Grid in Power Systems, 2014-2015
Vijay Adhi, Masters of Engineering, Self-organizing teams in Agile Software Development, 2013-2014
Frank Qin, Masters of Engineering, Multi-Touch Agile Project Management Board, 2012-2013
Zainab Masood, Masters of Engineering Studies, Interactive Android-based numeracy App for primary education, 2013
Chandan Chawhan, Masters of Engineering Studies, SMART Table App, 2013

Bachelor of Engineering Final Year Projects

20+ students as primary supervisor
25+ students as secondary supervisor
Best Project in Software Development Tools and Processes category, 2017
Best Project in Software Applications category, 2013