All Presentations & Talks

  • Becoming Agile: A Grounded Theory of Agile Transitions in Practice, International conference on software engineering (ICSE), Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2017
  • Using Requirements Elicitation to Design Visualization of Household Electricity Consumption, Design Innovations in Software Engineering (DISE) workshop at ICSE, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2017
  • Self-organizing Agile teams, Middlesex University, London, 2016
  • What makes your Agile team self-organizing?, Agile Middle East (Agile ME) summit, Dubai, 2016 [Slides]
  • Serious Potential: Exploring Serious Games in 21st Century Classrooms, Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) conference, Dubai, 2016 [Link]
  • How Much Requirements Engineering is Enough in Agile Software Development? A Panel. Asia Pacific Requirements Engineering Symposium (APRES), Auckland, April 2014
  • Fill That Blank: Designing an iOS based Literacy Application. Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC), Sydney, April 2014
  • Math Tutor: An Interactive Android-Based Numeracy Application for Primary Education, Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC2014), Auckland, January 2014
  • Designing an Educational Tabletop Software  for Children with Autism, Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC2014), Auckland, January 2014
  • Its Not Them, Its Us: Why Computer Science Fails to Impress First Years. Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE), Auckland, January 2014
  • Agile Undercover: When Customer Don’t Collaborate. Agile Professionals Network (APN), Auckland, August 2013 [Slides]
  • Organizing Self-Organizing Teams. Agile Professionals Network (APN), Auckland, March 2013
  • Nurturing Self-Organizing Teams. Agile NZ Conference, New Zealand, March 2013
  • Self-Organizing Roles on Agile Software Development Teams. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, November 2012
  • Emerging Trends in Software Engineering Research. International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia, November 2012
  • What Makes Your Agile Teams Self-Organizing? Agile NZ Conference, New Zealand, 2-3rd April, 2012
  • Self-Organizing Agile Teams. The University of Auckland (UoA), New Zealand, March 2012
  • Research Cafe, Rashina Hoda. International Conference on Agile and Lean Software Methods (Agile India 2012), Bengaluru, India, Feb 2012
  • Self-Organizing Agile Teams: Beyond the Buzzword. Rashina Hoda and Esther Derby.  International Conference on Agile Software Development (XP2011), Madrid
  • Presentation full research paper at XP2011, Madrid, Spain, 12th May 2011
  • Seminar at the IIIT Delhi, Organizing Self-Organizing Agile Teams, February 2011
  • Seminar at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Organizing Self-Organizing Agile Teams, December 2010
  • Invited Talk at the APN (Agile Professionas Network), Organizing Self-Organizing Agile Teams, 27th Sep 2010
  • Invited Talk at the APN Wellington, Agile Undercover: When Customers Don’t Collaborate, 23rd Aug 2010
  • Guest lecture at SWEN302 Agile Methods course on “Scrum 101 ++”, 29th July 2010
  • Presented full research paper at XP2010, Trondheim, Norway, 3rd June 2010
  • Displayed poster at XP2010, Trondheim, Norway, 2nd and 3rd June 2010
  • Presented full research paper at ICSE main research/technical track, Cape Town, 6th May 2010
  • Presented full paper at CHASE (co-operative and human aspects of software engineering) workshop at ICSE2010, Cape Town, 2nd May 2010
  • Departmental Seminar on Organizing Self-Organizing Agile Teams, 1st April 2010
  • Barcamp Agile 2009 presented research results on self-organizing agile teams, Wellington, 12th December 2009
  • Presentations at leading Agile companies in India, New Delhi/Bangalore, Oct-Nov 2009
  • NZCSRSC 2009 presented at conference and hosted a discussion session on Agile, Auckland, April 2009
  • ACDC 2009 – presented research outline and latest findings and received feedback (Wellington, 19th Jan 2009)
  • PhD Proposal Seminar, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ (30th Sep 2008) – Attended by MSCS and SIM staff and an Agile practitioner, received feedback
  • IEEE PG Presentation Event, Wellington, New Zealand (28th August 2008) – short research presentation, received certificate
  • [Agile 2008 Conference] Toronto, Canada (4-8th August 2008) – presented preliminary results, received community feedback
  • [NZCSRSC’08], Christchurch NZ (14-17th April 2008)
  • [Agile Mumbai conference], Mumbai India (28-29th March 2008)
  • [Agile NCR conference], Gurgaon India (8th March 2008)
  • [BarCamp Agile] at Deloitte, Wellington (Friday, 7th December 2007)
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