Rashina Hoda

Voice of Agile Research

Rashina Hoda is a world leading researcher, an award winning educator, and an engaging speaker, and a passionate champion of girls and women in STEM. She has been selected as one of the “Superstars of STEM” by Science and Technology Australia, to advocate STEM for girls and women.

Rashina is passionate about the people and process of software engineering. With over 15 years of experience in exploring real-world agile practice using a robust research lens, Rashina has developed the theory of becoming agile that explains how agile team transformation works, the agile practice umbrella that helps practitioners navigate variations in their agile practice, and shared the idea of agile nations in her 2019 TEDxAuckland talk that helps explain how some countries respond well to national and global crises.

Rashina has developed the socio-technical grounded theory (STGT) research method, a variant of traditional GT for socio-technical domains like software engineering and is currently writing a book on the subject.

Rashina is an Associate Professor and Group Lead of Software Engineering in the Faculty of Information Technology and the Deputy Director of the HumaniSE lab at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, focusing on human-centered AI and software design. She has published over a hundred research papers on various topics focused on the people and process of software engineering. She is currently leading a $2m Digital Health CRC project on enhancing telehealth capabilities and experience for patients, doctors, and carers in the mental health and palliative care areas.

She actively serves the international software engineering research community, as associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), as program co-chair for the software engineering in society (SEIS) track of the international conference on software engineering (ICSE 2023), and as co-chair for the Workshops track of ICSE 2024. Previously, she has served on the review board of TSE, advisory board of the IEEE Software, as an associate editor for the Journal of Systems and Software (JSS), program co-chair for the international conference on agile software development (XP2020), program co-chair for the cooperative and human aspects of software engineering (CHASE 2021) conference, and co-organised several CHASE workshops at the ICSE conference.

Rashina loves to share the “voice of agile research” with industry and academia alike through keynotes, interviews, articles, panels, and podcasts. Explore the website to access her talks and research articles. Enjoy!

Email: rashina<dot>hoda<at>monash<dot>edu
Twitter: @agileRashina