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Agile Nation: New Zealand’s response to terrorism (TEDxAuckland 2019)



  • ICSE 2021 Technical Briefing – Watch Here “Decoding Grounded Theory for Software Engineering” – Technical Briefing at ICSE2021 presented by Rashina Hoda, introducing Socio-Technical Grounded Theory for SE research.
  • Agile Caravanserai – Watch HereAgile, the pandemic, and inspiration” – a chat with Rashina Hoda, on Sanjiv Augustine’s Agile Caravanserai series. Sanjiv is a best selling author and consultant on agile project management.
  • Women’s Agenda – Read Here “20 women who blazed a trail in STEM this year” featuring A/Prof Rashina Hoda and other amazing women in STEM in Australia.
Superstars of STEM


  • Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast – Listen HereRashina Hoda on using Scrum, Kanban and Agile in academic research”, interviewed by Vasco Duarte and Yves Hanoulle, December 2020
  • Invited Guest Talk – Watch Here  “A Talk and Q/A with Rashina Hoda on Grounded Theory in Software Engineering” at the Empirical Software Engineering course at the University of Victoria, Canada, hosted by Prof Margaret Anne-Storey, Oct 2020

  • ASE2020 Panel Session – Watch Here “Human-centric software engineering, past, present and future“, Rashina Hoda and Chetan Arora, at the HCSE&CS Workshop at the Automated Software Engineering (ASE2020) conference, September 2020
  • InfoQ Podcast – Listen Here “Rashina Hoda on Pandemic Programming and Agile Nations”, interviewed by Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, InfoQ, August 2020

  • ICSE2020 AMA Session – Watch here “As Me Anything” with Prof Nenad Medvidovic at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2020), hosted by Rashina Hoda, July 2020
  • Melbourne Conversations Panel Session – Watch Here “Melbourne Conversations: Democratise the internet“, Rashina Hoda and Lizzie O’Shea, hosted by Vanessa Toholka at the Melbourne Conversations organised by the City of Melbourne, July 2020

  • ACS Article – Read Here “Programmers suffer through pandemic, Survey finds low productivity and well-being among developers” featuring Rashina’s research into Pandemic Programming in Information Age by the Australian Computer Society, June 2020 
  • InfoQ Article – Read HerePandemic Programming Survey Results Show Negative Impact of COVID-19 Changes” featuring Rashina’s research in an InfoQ article, June 2020
  • ABC News Article – Read Here “What science and tech can teach us about how to deal with a crisis like coronavirus” featuring Rashina’s research in The Drum, ABC News, May 2020
  • Monash Lens Article – Read Here “Harder, better, faster, stronger: Agile nations the most effective in combating COVID-19” by Rashina Hoda, featured in the Monash Lens, May 2020
  • 3RRR Radio Podcast – Listen Here “Byte into IT episode” on 102.7FM 3RRR Digital Radio featuring Rashina Hoda (30 mins onwards) and Steven Conway, hosted by Vanessa Toholka, April 2020

2019 and earlier

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