Agile Practice Umbrella

Scrum is widely used and tweaked. The Agile Practice Umbrella helps you make sense of your tweak or ‘jugaads’ …

Key Takeaways:
🔸 practicing agile by the book is a good place to start your agile journey
🔸 as you progress, you are likely to tweak your practice to suit your context, these can be standard, necessary, or contextual variations
🔸 ongoing unjustified variations that contradict the book are clear deviations, recognise them and stay clear!
🔸 method innovation is rare but possible, always discuss WHY you are tweaking, to answer the question…

Are you deviating or innovating?

Based on the research article:
Masood, Z., Hoda, R., & Blincoe, K. (2020). Real world scrum a grounded theory of variations in practiceIEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. [Preprint]