Call for Industry Proposals: UoA Final Year Engineering Projects (due 26th Feb 2017)


Got a neat project idea that you want implemented? Have an interesting technical issue you need researched and prototyped? Want to work with the brightest young minds the University of Auckland has to offer? Propose an industry project!

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering invites industry project proposals for their Final Year Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Projects in the Electrical and Electronics, Computer Systems and Software Engineering areas.

What’s in it for me? The “Part4 Projects” provide an excellent opportunity for industry to propose project ideas. Students select from these projects and work in teams of two for nearly 16 weeks to research, design and implement a solution to a real-world problem. You can also mentor talented students on latest industry practices and identify potential new hires from our capable cohort of near graduates. Finally, it also provides you an opportunity to forge new research and development collaborations with the university’s academic staff who will supervise these students and set the stage for larger collaborative projects in the future.

What’s in it for the uni? Through close collaboration with you, our students gain valuable industry exposure on real-world projects.

What’s the timeline?

  • Industry Proposals due: 26th Feb 2017
  • Students submit selections: 8th March 2017
  • Outcome notifications to sponsors: 10th March 2017
  • Projects commence: 13th March 2017
  • Projects finish: 1st September 2017
  • Public Projects Exhibition Day + Best Projects Announced: 22nd September 2017

What’s the catch? The expectation is that sponsors will assist the University in meeting the high costs of running Part 4 projects. In many cases this will be in the form of a $2,000 financial contribution, but contributions in kind can also be negotiated. We do expect your time in terms of providing detailed project requirements to the students as well as regular feedback on their progress. Any specialist hardware or software not normally available at the university will need to be provided by the industry sponsor.

How can I apply? Applying is easy! Simply fill out this short form online and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss the details. Also, feel free to share this message with your friends and colleagues in the industry.

I am interested but have some questions first. Feel free to contact Dr Rashina Hoda at

Points to Note:

  • These projects are primarily a learning exercise for the students and the academic goals take precedent over the goals of the sponsor.
  • Though most projects achieve a highly successful outcome, there is no guarantee that this will be the case for all projects. Student capabilities vary and some students are more capable than others.
  • All aspects relating to the supervision of a project necessarily rest with the University. But provided that the academic goals of the project are not compromised, we look for a close collaboration between the University and the Industry Sponsor with the aim of ensuring that the goals of the Sponsor are achieved.
  • If there are significant resources required for a project, these need to be supplied by the Sponsor.
  • Once a project has commenced, it is very important that it continues for the duration of the project term. If a project terminates early, it will likely have a significant and negative impact on the students concerned.

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